1. Beware The Vine at The Aquarium
    Beware The Vine at The Aquarium
    Beware The Vine at The Aquarium


    Beware The Vine at The Aquarium

  2. photographicoptimist:

    FUN. concert in Billings, MT- August 28, 2012.

    This concert was a flippin’ blast, despite the fact that it was held in a Shriner’s building that possessed no (or limited) A/C on a hot summer’s night with a HUGE crowd. The music was energized, the band was gleeful and sincere, and the sound was even better than what you hear on record. There was even an explosion of confetti. It was well worth driving 4 1/2 hours (9 total!) to see, but PLEASE, FUN., COME TO NORTH DAKOTA NEXT TIME!!

  3. fuckyeahfrightenedrabbit:

    Not sure if this news has gone wide yet so thought I’d post it here. The Fargo, ND date on the October US tour has been cancelled due to a date move for the Seattle show. Presumably this is all outwith the bands’ control and they will be disappointed to not play this show.

    All current shows can be found at frightenedrabbit.com/shows

    WELL BOO ON THAT. I would have been so down for that show. Perhaps if we make enough of a fuss about being overlooked by the music scene that Frightened Rabbit will repent and return their lovely Scottish voices to us.

    (via fyfrightenedrabbit)


  4. CONCERT ALERT: Eternal Summers [with Bleeding Rainbow]

    The Eternal Summers, an up-and-coming indie favorite, will be playing at what is turning out to be the coolest place in ND for music, The Aquarium (Dempsey’s Upstairs) in FARGO, ND on September 5th!


    One of the major underground hits of the summer has been the uber-infectious “Millions” by aptly named band, Eternal Summers. This track happens to be on my overlong “June July & August 2012” playlist, and it should be on yours too, even if the days are getting shorter and our little summer is on its way out. Incidentally, The Eternal Summers have produced quite a few more quality tunes— “Wonder” is my favorite (and a little bit pop-punky, at that). As Pitchfork comments, there are echoes of Tender Trap etc in their sound, which is never a bad thing. If you’re into indie bands like Beach House, I recommend giving ES a try. I also hear they put on a great show.

    Here, try a free MP3: Wonder by Eternal Summers [click and then click button that says “download now”]

    Check out their music and read more about the band on their official Facebook page, here.

    They also have a really cool blog, here. You can read what Pitchfork has to say about the band over here.

    [mp3s are for sampling purposes, if you like the songs, please buy the band’s album!]


  5. CONCERT ALERT: FUN. [with Chiddy Bang]

    Popular band FUN. will be playing in Billings, MT on next Tuesday the 28th!



    FUN. is one of my favorite new bands, even though its lead singer (he of the Mika-esque voice) has been around for quite some time (check out his work with previous band The Format). I feel like he’s really found his groove with this one though, and the general public seems to agree- the anthems “We Are Young” and “Some Nights” have become pretty respectable hits. If you haven’t yet sampled FUN. you’re one of the few, but you’re certainly in for youthful, frothy goodness. FUN. is endlessly upbeat stuff but their lyrics are made of weightier matter than you usually encounter on the radio. If you appreciate Mika, Neon Trees, Jack’s Mannequin and a dash of Freddie Mercury, check out FUN.

    Sadly, they are not playing in ND (maybe someday!) but just over the state line in Billings, Montana, which is a workable location for those like me in Western ND. I’m gonna be there with bells on (well, more like converse and pink skinny jeans,  but que sera sera).

    If you’re sick of We Are Young, try downloading my personal favorite, All Alright [click].

  6. photographicoptimist:

    Foreigner at the North Dakota State Fair 2012.

    Okay, so this isn’t really hip but I LOVE FOREIGNER, and this was a great show. Despite the very wasted crowd.


  7. CONCERT ALERT: Blizten Trapper at the NDMoA!


  8. CONCERT ALERT: Youth Lagoon [with Father John Misty]

    Indie band YOUTH LAGOON will be playing a show at hipster-friendly The Aquarium (Dempsey’s Upstairs) in FARGO, ND on July 16th!


    Youth Lagoon

    Here’s an mp3 for ya:

    Cannons by Youth Lagoon [click to be taken to download]

    This is pretty cool since Youth Lagoon is a band I’ve actually heard quite a bit about over the past year. They’ve been popping up on music blogs left and right and they even toured with Death Cab for Cutie recently.

    I would describe them as somewhat less grounded than the Death Cab, a bit ethereal, a bit poppy, a bit dance. They may remind you of Air (though certainly more melodious), Sigur Ros, Bon Iver, M83 (though less aggressive), Unbunny, that kind of thing. A very nice fusion of infectious chorus and… floating in space (I’ve decided to make that a genre, what do  you think?).

    Download the MP3 above and check them out in FARGO, ND on July 16th!

    (Source: indindb)

  9. indindb:

    They’re not coming to ND (figures!) but you can catch them in Minneapolis or Vancouver if you’re up for the, er, drive.

    See what I did there? No, seriously, these guys are awesome. Check them out and find yourself completely obsessed with 80’s tribute music with a melancholy soul.

    Download A Real Hero by College feat. Electric Youth MP3[not my upload. click to go to download page]