1. scene 11.


    Somewhere at some point in my life, I stood on a bridge in winter.  It was windy and chilly and sleet kept hitting my face. Such an air of melancholy. Everything was grey. The sky, the slush in the streets, my sweatshirt, the asphalt on the empty interstate.  I had an impulsive desire to throw eggs off the bridge and watch the shells crack and spill their yellow yolk onto the pavement. Add some color to this dreary city.

    Fargo resident Katie Norris is a very talented poet with a lovely feminine touch and a knack for atmosphere in each of her highly romantic pieces. You should go check out her blog, musingmadame.

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  2. indindb:


    for my home:

    the smell of freshly strewn hay bales signifying the land i will always know as mine.

    the other passers-by offering me friendly waves rather than angered honks.

    the open fields,

    the miles drawn out and clearly visible ahead of me.

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